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Reach out to our team of experienced professionals to discuss the ways we can help your employee benefit plans. We offer comprehensive management and our hands-on approach and flexibility strives towards the best plan for your goals and budget.

Our Employee Benefit Plan Servicing Strategy

Nottingham Trust adopts a hands on, team approach, with emphasis on responsive client service and support for the plan sponsor and service providers in efforts to develop the most effective plan for your goals and budget. Our Servicing Team is comprised of open, dedicated and experienced administrative, operational, and benefit payer services teams with an average experience of 20 years.

We Utilize State-Of-The-Art Computer Systems

To stay ahead of the curve and help manage rigorous regulatory and audit scrutiny with our dedicated servicing team and experienced personnel. We accomplish this while maintaining a competitive and transparent fee structure, remaining in your best interest. Our use of technology and systems support ensures accurate and timely exchange of data between the plan sponsor and other providers, as appropriate.

We Will Remain Vigilant, Managing The Payee Communications.

Prepare and mail letters to retirees to communicate the various details and expectations that their plan entails, as well as the preparation and filing of appropriate forms, timely and comprehensive submission of federal and state tax withholdings to the appropriate federal and state taxing authorities. In addition, we manage timely federal and state withholding updates as withholding tables and laws change.

We strive to add new pension recipients in a timely manner, and retro payments are made as soon as identified or included with regularly scheduled payments. Deductions from payments are made in accordance with instructions received.

We Will Be The “Gate Keeper”

Of the plan’s assets and activity, coordinating the needs of the plan’s interested parties. We will produce statement and reports as needed for the plan sponsor, auditors, and 5500 preparation. All investments and settlement of trades are at the direction of an experienced investment advisor. We can custody individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, alternative investments, and the universe of mutual funds. Retiree payments are performed in house, which allows for last-minute changes and flexibility. The recording of the plan’s transaction activity detail on reports include retirement plan coding, such as, employer contribution, death benefit, PBGC premium, and so on.



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