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Are you secure your portfolio is growing the way it should? Are you prepared for retirement? If you’re not sure, talk to one of our financial planning experts. Let us help you make the most of your investments—and your retirement.

Our Approach to Investing

When you work with an advisor from Nottingham Trust, you have access to a wealth of financial resources. We work closely with you to identify your goals, then tailor a plan to fit your unique profile. Our formal investment policy sets allocation guidelines such as asset class weightings, credit quality, industry and individual position weightings, and so on. Asset allocation, diversification across and within asset classes, and individual issue analysis are cornerstones of our portfolio construction philosophy, not “market timing”.

Investments which meet our expectations in terms of valuation, future prospects and financial quality are generally retained. As a result, portfolio turnover on an annual basis tends to be modest. Turnover is driven by factors such as an issue’s weight in the overall portfolio, significant price appreciation, the need to rebalance among market-caps, financial deterioration or other such events.

Research Drives Our Investment Process.

Our Trust Investment Committee (TIC) performs “top-down” analysis for overall asset allocation decisions while we primarily take a “bottom-up” approach to individual stock/bond purchase and sale decisions.

For Equities

We emphasize high-quality, Large-Cap stocks that deliver consistent results, market leadership and healthy, growing dividends. We believe that asset allocation across equity market segments is an integral part of building a total-return oriented portfolio and augment our individual security approach with mutual funds and ETFs to fill mid-cap, small-cap, international, real estate and various other niches.

We Do Not Represent Any Mutual Fund Company.

We screen the universe of funds to identify consistent performers. We eliminate all funds that impose sales charges and/or 126-1 fees and work with funds whose internal expense ratios are well-below industry average.

For Fixed-Income

We invest in high-quality bond issues including U.S. Treasury and Agency obligations, mortgage-backed securities, municipal bonds and corporate bonds that we typically hold through maturity. As with our equity strategy, we use mutual funds and ETFs to add incremental value to our fixed-income holdings, gaining exposure to international, high-yield and inflation-protected issues.

IRA Strategy

We consider the effective use of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as a crucial part of every individual’s overall financial and estate plan. A well thought out and disciplined IRA strategy will not only help you to build a nest egg for your future retirement, but through the use of tax deductions and tax-deferred benefits you are also able to manage your current income tax liabilities. We offer a variety of Retirement Account products and services to help you achieve your retirement goals, including Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs, to help individuals accumulate and manage retirement assets. We also provide solutions to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners with the retirement savings of both themselves and their employees, through the use of SIMPLE IRAs and SEP IRAs. We are able to help you choose which type(s) of IRA would be most compatible with your personal income tax situation and overall retirement goals.

By establishing your IRA with Nottingham Trust, you can rest assured that your IRA will be administered in compliance with the ever-changing Federal and IRS rules that govern your IRA.

Some of the administrative services we offer to keep our customers updated and aware of their IRA obligations include:

  • Timely filing and reporting of all IRA contributions and distributions on relevant tax forms
  • RMD notifications and tracking to remind you of any Required Minimum Distributions you may need to take.
  • Issuance of recurring statements so you can track and monitor the performance of your IRA portfolio and any requested IRA transactions.
  • Mailings and notifications to keep our customers informed of significant developments to the IRA rules and guidelines.

Through due diligence and diversification, our blended portfolios have been able to deliver strong risk adjusted performance over time.




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